Other host pennants

Other host pennants

Other host pennants

Finnish hospennants. Flutters easily halfglossy 100% polyester fabric. The flag is finished with Flagplus that makes the flag more durable. The flag is equipped with a durable fast connector, witch are designed for the cold weather and winds of Finland.

Choose the right size for the pennant: Check the options.

If you want your own pennant for your organization or municipality of residence, make contact to our sales team: myynti@lipputehdas.fi or p. 0207-569 080. We make the pennants as a finnish quality work, they are made as one or then many for bigger orders.

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Pälkäne Kukkia lily host pennant. Made in Finland, easily fluttering, matt 100% polyesterfabric.

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Made in Finland, easily fluttery, semi-gloss 100% polyester knit.

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